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MFC Dragonslayer All Star Project: Let´s Unite in Rock | FESTIVALPHOTO

MFC Dragonslayer All Star Project: Let´s Unite in Rock



The cancer project with the longest name in history was blessed with a track by Henrik Flyman of EVIL MASQUERADE. Vocalist Richard Ofsoski (OFSOSKI, SEDITION) came up with the project idea and has been joined by a quite impressive cast. The main band consists of; guitarsist Henrik Flyman, bass man Thor Jeppesen and keyboardist Artur Meinild, all of EVIL MASQUERADE, plus drummer Peter Wildoer of JAMES LABRIE, DARKANE and ARCH ENEMY fame. They are augmented by an impressive cast of singers ranging from the classics like Mats Levén (THERION, ex. YNGWIE MALMSTEEN), Snowy Shaw (ex. MERCYFUL FATE, ex. KING DIAMOND, ex. DIMMU BORGIR) and Tony Mills of TNT and SHY fame, to the younger strlets like Apollo Papathanasio of FIREWIND etc. On the lead guitar side they have Henrik of cause, but also Stu Marshall of EMPIRES OF EDEN and Glen Drover (ex. MEGADETH, ex. TESTAMENT). The seasoned Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios has mixed and mastered.

Here we have an excellent metal track with a sound of DIO meets PRETTY MAIDS. The Danish factor is there, of cause, the refrain lingers, and the grooves ought to satisfy most metalheads. Needless to say the solos are excellent all the way. Well, what else do I need to tell you, the song is even bringing in money for a good and acute purpose!

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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