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Chaos Asylum: S/T



Chaos Asylum: S/T

Behind CHAOS ASYLUM hide vocalist Martin McManus and guitarist Guy Laverick (BLITZKRIEG) – originally. To cope with the live situation and become a proper band they have enlisted the services of; Col Dixon, guitars, Craig Stevenson, bass, and drummer Kev Alderson.
The music is British eighties in a neat variety, spiced up with dazzling guitar works. “Breakdown” is a melodic piece and the vocals are top notch. The feeling of a solo guitarist is here to stay, and rightfully so – “Reign of Terror” is something TONY MACALPINE would have wanted to do instead of “Eyes of the World”. The vocals are unsurprisingly HALFORD-inspired without being over the top plus revealing that Martin and Guy are in the cover band JUDAS BEAST together. The riffs are no tired reruns and the small dashes of keyboards are in all the right places. “A Legend Now” is less innovative and more of a rip-off of JUDAS PRIEST, some sharp r´s makes the vocals a bit special. The guitar solo is once again impressive. Closer “Kill or Be Killed” has it all and sums it all up well; they have their own sound though well anchored in the past, power metal, strong vocals, and a breathtaking solo.
With record company backing this band is capable and classical enough to go a long way around 2010. What are all the A&R guys waiting for?

Track List Breakdown Reign of Terror A Legend Now Kill or Be Killed

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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