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Ancara: Chasing Shadows | FESTIVALPHOTO

Ancara: Chasing Shadows



DKS Music/BAM Finland

Finnish band ANCARA has lots of eighties touch, not least the pedigree of the musicians. The band debuted in 2008 with “The Dawn”, followed by an EP, “The World”, which reached the top ten singles chart in Finland. Second attempt, “Beyond the Dark” was yet again a native hit in 2007, and now we get a third album, somewhat belated album.

The un-eighties sound of “We Paint December” fills my head. The chorus is big enough but there is no clear decade bound sound, as promised. The slight hit feeling of “Far from Grace” is not bad either, but… There is an overuse of pop/rock in some tracks and the feeling of fillers sometimes appears, as in the closing track “Farewell” and the somewhat off “Nicole”. The eighties flow in songs like “Lodestar” (KISS-like riff), the hair band balladry of “Tears with a Smile” and the slight MAGNUM vibe of “Not Quite Sober”. I wish that most tracks had been mixes of ANCARA and various 80´s hard rock celebrities. But the mix of rather hit like and quite off can only render an average grade.

Track List
We Paint December
Far from Grace
Chasing Shadows
High Hopes
Tears with a Smile
Not Quite Sober

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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