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Prey for Nothing: Against All Good and Evil | FESTIVALPHOTO

Prey for Nothing: Against All Good and Evil



Massacre/Sound Pollution

Israelian progressive death force PREY FOR NOTHING releases their second album. Drummer Iftah Levi, bass player Amir Salomon and guitarist Yaniv Aboudy had been in one of PAUL DI`ANNO´s may backing bands around the world. After a tour they decided on disbanding their old unit, DAMNATION, and become more faithful to their mutual musical taste. Completed by vocalist Yotam “Defiler” Avni the quartet debuted with “Violence Divine” in 2008. To follow suit with DEATH and TESTAMENT the band was joined by second guitarist Tal Behar and toured Israel. Massive hitters with metallic brilliance are promised, and they can appeal to fans of both OPETH and BEHEMOTH according to the info.

The vocals are not over the top, and their mix of prog and melodic death metal light is quite agreeable. But the combination of long progressive metal songs and snappier and grittier death influences is not a perfect mix. An overlong track is opener “Treachery”, which portraits the will and the effort, as well as the difficulty of marrying the genres. Or things might get messy, as in the blurry “Chekhov´s Gun”, which has its moments but can quite cut it. Their finest moment is probably “Spiritual Guillotine”. There is more bass than in many of the songs, as well as more of that death metal groove, which is sometimes lost in progressivity. But as many songs are merely or barely ok, the grading is not a difficult one.

Track List
My Final Relapse
Unmake You
Buried by the Light
Chekhov´s Gun
Deciphering the Signal
Axis Mundi
Homemade Holocaust
Turning Shears to Swords
Spiritual Guilotine
Against All Good
Against All Evil

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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