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Jack Blades: Rock´n´Roll Ride | FESTIVALPHOTO

Jack Blades: Rock´n´Roll Ride




Jack Blades is widely known as the talented bass player and vocalist of NIGHT RANGER, who also did well in DAMN YANKEES. He has also collaborated with Tommy Shaw of STYX/DAMN YANKEES, and RINGO STARR. On the lyrics side there is no writing block as he has supplied the likes of OZZY, ALICE COOPER and JOURNEY with stylish material. In 2003 he released a solo album, which I bought, and was a massive success the info says. I was less thrilled as there was preciously little of his usual sun-drenched feel-good rock. Merely the title here says return to home base, but let´s make sure…

Opener “Back in the Game” is not un-missable, but still a good sign compared to the previous solo effort. Th title track has more of Jack´s sweet antics, and so is the case with the caressing “Hardest Word to Say”. “Love Life” raises the pulse, while “Born for This” and “Sat You Will” remove my hesitations. The material has sufficient amounts of sun and California in them to be remembered. The pace is not always to my liking but the JOHN WAITE school of storytelling is honored and that goes a lot of the way.

Track list
Back in the Game
Rock´n´Roll Ride
Hardest Word to Say
Anything for You
Love Life
West Hollywood
Born for This
Don´t Give Up
Say You Will
Rise and Shine
Hey Now

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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