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Empires of Eden: Channelling the Infinite | FESTIVALPHOTO

Empires of Eden: Channelling the Infinite



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Aw wow. UDO DIRKSCHNEIDER, ROB ROCK, STEVE GRIMMETT, Mike DiMeo of MASTERPLAN and RIOT fame etc., need more introduction? EMPIRES OF EDEN is the brainchild of Aussie guitarist Stu Marshall, ex. DUNGEON, and a host of world renowned vocalists. So fames there is little information about the rest of the band. This is the sophomore effort, the first, “Reborn in Fire” was well-received and they seem to be going for the throat seriously this time.

First out is a mid-paced effort featuring ROB ROCK. The bass is heavy and the guitars run amok, what more can you ask for. The next track has a patented pipe of UDO filling out the sound picture, I wonder if anyone ever tires of him? “Hammer Down” has all the characteristics of a true heavy metal song. The title track is reserved for Sean Peck of CAGE, who really delivers with a voice in great shape. STEVE GRIMMETT is left with a somewhat inferior track, but performs ok. More surprisingly great is Louie Gorgievski of CRIMSONFIRE, sets the “World on Fire”. I also like Alessandro del Vecchio of EDGE OF FOREVER, but he was less of a surprise. The more flat performances come from Mike DiMeo and Ronny Munroe, which was painful to realize as I like their voices normally. The all-star version of “Hammer Down” is quite unnecessary, but the Sean Peck version of “Born a King” delivers a fresh take on a song that is really worthy to be included. All in all I think Stu is onto something here!

Track List
Cry Out (Rob Rock)
Hammer Down (UDO)
This Time (Steve Grimmett)
Channelling the Infinite (Sean Peck)
Lions for Lambs (Alessandro del Vecchio)
Cybrg (Carlos Zema)
World on Fire (Louie Gorgievski)
Your Eyes (Mike DiMeo)
Born a King (Danny Cecati)
As Flames scorch the Ground (VO Simpson)
White Wings (Ronny Munroe)
Hammer Dawn (All-Star Version)
Born a King (Sean Peck)

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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