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Davidian: Our Fear Is Their Force | FESTIVALPHOTO

Davidian: Our Fear Is Their Force



Massacre/Sound Pollution

Stuttgart´s thrashers DAVIDIAN strikes with their third album, thrashy but not cored. The story of the band hails back to 2003, when they released the self-financed “Abuse of Power”. Festivals and gigs followed and in 2007 they got a contract for “Hear Their Cries”. Worldwide distribution was included and more shows and larger festivals followed, supporting the likes of VADER and HATBREED. This time around they got studio time with Tue Madsen, and brought along their new vocalist Tobi Brausch. The rest of the band consists of guitarists Alex Schniepp and Micha Weidler, bassist Tim Hinderer and drummer Alex Scherf.

DAVIDIAN is new to me. The band sure has some ideas that deserves development, but also a –core element that I don´t really agree with. This is actually the band´s third release and they seem ambitious enough. They have a slight taste for pomp, as in opener “F.S.O”, and they have a peculiar fancy for melody. I don´t really associate their genre with as much melody as is evident in “Behind an Angelic Smile” or “Manmade Hell”. I was more expecting tracks as the unimaginative “Desperate Cries” or “Inner Turmoil”. But the band cruises betwixt high octane death as in “Shattered Illusions”, to the groovy thasher “Breeding Insecurity” over to the meek and bleak –core hampered songs. Still the sound is good, the ideas present but occasionally undeveloped, including their take on having brutality meet melody and keys. The overall impression might be a bit meager this time, but never underestimate a hungry band…

Track List
Behind An Angelic Smile
Manmade Hell
Desperate Cries
Shattered Illusions
Fake Society
Vicious Circle
Constricted Vision
Inner Turmoil
Breeding Insecurity
Freedom of Choice

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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