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69 Chambers: Torque | FESTIVALPHOTO

69 Chambers: Torque



Massacre/Sound Pollution

69 CHAMBERS may not say much, but the name Tommy Vetterli has a fine ring to it. If anyone doesn´t know he is back in the revived CORONER again and has been in KREATOR too. The rest of the band is Tommy´s wife Nina Vetterli – Treml on bass and vocals and drummer Diego Rapacchetti. The band has marketed their metal/rock with tinges of gothic since circa 2008. They apparently make good use of the term crossover and are not a fraid to throw in some pop. Well, well, that sounds far off from CORONER…

Opener “Cause and Effect” features Chrigel Glanzmann from ELUVEITIE on vocals. The tracks combines pop with force and a heavy guitar sound. Not bad at all! As a Swede I can´t but hear a certain resemblance to THE CARDIGANS in “Bring on the Flood”, complete with a cozy rhythm. But in third track “Naughty Naughty Naughty” Tommy actually crosses over to doom territory with an ultra heavy riff following a drum opening. There is 69 CHAMBERS for you. The mix of many styles is the one glue that keeps the concept together. Loops, lead heavy riffs, electronic drum sounds, echoes of ALANIS MORISSETTE and TORI AMOS (if they should ever go metal…) and a closing track that is one soft ballad with violin and piano showing a totally different side of the band. If you can handle Tommy´s name in conjunction with something that is not groundbreaking thrash, then this is an album to check out!

Track List
Cause and Effect (Featuring Chrigel Glanzmann)
Bring On the Flood
Naughty Naughty Naughty
Burn Some Gasoline
The Peep Hole
Ring a Bell
And Then There Was Silence
Temple Down
Your Fool
The Doom of Her Power

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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