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Ian Gillan Band: Anthology CD+DVD | FESTIVALPHOTO

Ian Gillan Band: Anthology CD+DVD



Ian Gillan Band: Anthology CD+DVD
Angel Air/Border

When IAN GILLAN left/was fired from DEEP PURPLE he put his hands to various trades before he returned to the music scene with THE IAN GILLAN BAND. It was supposed to be different from his old band. So it was, with everything from jazz to funk in the blend. This collection consists of the previously released “The Rockfield Mixes” and the also previously released DVD “Live at the Rainbow 1977”. Rockfield was the name of the studio where “Clear Air Turbulence” was first recorded. Ian had a talented band featuring Ray Fenwick, guitars, John Gustafson, bass, Colin Towns, keyboards/flute, and Mark Naussef, drums. The year was 1976 and THE IAN GILLAN BAND began working on their second album. It was the seventies, which the sound is proof of, there is quite a lot of jazz, and some psychedelic keyboards. This is all very competent, not least the individual achievements – the members have released solo albums, helped out on other´s records and/or made film scores. This is far from DEEP PURPLE and GILLAN, e.g. “Five Moons”. The keyboard parts are rather progressive and there is a lot of jazz in the sound of bass and organ in “Over the Hill”. Maybe Ian´s fans were in despair since not one of his records are this dynamic. BLACK SABBATH`S “Never Say Die”, which is generally perceived as very jazz orientated, is nowhere close to this. Ian´s voice was in fine shape and the band seems very happy with each other. There are some bonuses too; an interview with Ray Fenwick, “Over the Hill” live from Yubin Chokin Hall, a live version of “Smoke on the Water” plus two songs of the next album, “Scarabus”, “Apathy” and “Mercury High”. The live DVD has been around since the time of the VHS and shows a focused and skillful band. As is often the case the audience is most carried away by the DEEP PURPLE tracks; “Child in Time”, “Smoke on the Water” and “Woman from Tokyo”. Those who can handle the contrasts get a nice dose of the virtuosity of Ray Fenwick. No one could see all the changes that was about to happen, but that was probably for the best. The next band GILLAN later managed to survive both the punk and the NWOBHM movements. This band probably would not have fared as well – no matter how musically skilled the members were.

Track List
Clear Air Turbulence Five Moons Over the Hill Angelo Machenio Money Lender Goodhand Liza This Is the Way Apathy Over the Hill (Live) Smoke on the Water (Live) Interview with Ray Fenwick Mercury High

Twin Exhausted Clear Air Turbulence Money Lender Child in Time Smoke on the Water Woman from Tokyo Twin Exhausted

Bonus Features Ray Fenwick Interview Japan Tour Interview with Ian Gillan

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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