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5 Star Grave: Drugstore Hell | FESTIVALPHOTO

5 Star Grave: Drugstore Hell



Massacre/Sound Pollution

Italian six-piece metal band 5 STAR GRAVE return with their second effort. Modern, groovy, with street attitude and a bit of punk thrown in, the info has a lot to say. For years on from their debut “Corpse Breed Syndrome” the band returns to be politically incorrect again. Production comes courtesy of Tobias Lundström at Bohus Sound Studios, so what could go wrong?

The eleven tracks are a mix of three grades, 2, 3 and 4. The real stinkers are not found here, neither the really outstanding efforts. 5 STAR GRAVE utilizes several harsh voices, loops, a fine overall sound picture but messes it up, and I don´t think that this album will be anything but forgotten by 2015. They do use refrains, good ones even, but the many shrill voices tend to shred the best of them. The mix of metal and modern features is fragile, in my ears at least. I still tend to like the ending of “When the Lights Go Out” and “Lemmings”, the refrains are there, the vocals feels better suited for them, and there´s even an 80´s tinged keyboards thrown in for good measure. I wish 5 STAR GRAVE all the luck in the world, but I think it will be tough.

Track List
Terminal Bedroom
Death Put a Smile on My Face
Love Affair with the Beast
Death Times Eleven
No Devil LiveD oN
Dead Girls Don´t Say No
Boy A
When the Lights Go Out

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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