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Zombiefication: Reaper´s Consecration | FESTIVALPHOTO

Zombiefication: Reaper´s Consecration



Pulverised/Sound Pollution

Mexican duo ZOMBIEFICATION return with their second outing, produced by Tore Stjerna at Necromorous Studios. The Mexican duo of MAJESTIC DOWNFALL and DIES IRAE fame came to life in 2009, reveling in gore and blasphemy. Their fondness for Swedish riffs and putrefaction will soon be heard of (smelled?), and the taster of a cover was designed by vocalist Mr. Stitch.

The chosen style will no doubt please fans of Old School death, but there is a tad of originality thrown in, without desecrating the music. Tore has as most of the time done a fine production job and there is a kind of clear channel separation in the music. The many melodic breaks and atmospheric parts add to the pleasant experiences of “Dead Today, Dust Tomorrow” and “”Death Rides”. He drumming is as in most Old School death a pleasant surprise of absence of grinding. The minus section is the messy arrangement of “Necrohell”, while the echo effects of “I Am the Reaper” works both as enhancement and letdowns. All in all I think that five songs are a bit meager to award a highflying mark for, but a full album of this kind would be greatly appreciated.

Track List
Dead Today, Dust Tomorrow
Death Rides
We Stand Alone
I Am the Reaper

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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