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Silent Opera: Immortal Beauty | FESTIVALPHOTO

Silent Opera: Immortal Beauty




Italian band SILENT OPERA debuts with Ravenheart Music, after some lineup changes. First signs of life came in 2007, and the will to mix symphonic metal with visual art rose. The band now consists of guitarist and main composer Claudi Ranieri, a.k.a. Rain, vocalist Ambra Gerussi, a.k.a. Aria, drummer Loris Volcizzi, a.k.a. Shadow and Andrea Pin, a.k.a. Kabal, bass. Since the recording of this album the band has changed both vocalist and bass player, I might have a good idea why the first change happened.

There are some dreadful out-of-tune vocals on some of the songs. Ex. vocalist Lady Victoria was probably in the deep end here. The material in itself is also rather weak at times, but there is also hope for the future. Opener “Mask Manor” wants to be so visual it squirms. The refrain doesn´t linger though, so fwd please. But that is only a step towards the worse. There is nothing good about “Chapter 7”. The voice is close to Miss Piggy´s, and the refrain is almost lost totally. But if we skip the next four tracks and go for “Always with You” the pace quickens and the theatrics seems to be gone in favor of both a male and a female voice. More rock, less whimpering, and hey presto, the band seems transformed! “Your Muse” also shows signs of repent and maturity, pulsating keys and the male voice seems to do the trick. But the ending self titled track is back to the cracking voice and the rather flat style of their past? But…out of darkness cometh light…perhaps.

Track List
Mask Manor
Chapter 7
Hidden Lies
Always with You
Introducing the Muse
Your Muse
The Silent Opera

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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