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Richard Marx: Inside My Head | FESTIVALPHOTO

Richard Marx: Inside My Head




RICHARD MARX started out with a single, “Don´t Mean Nothing”, in 1987, talk about a misleading title! From then on he released an album, and ended up selling three million copies! In 1989, “Repeat Offender” sold an amazing seven million copies, not least vanguard by the single “Right Here Waiting”. Live, studio and compilation albums amount to 20, while singles released are 33. More than 30 million albums say that Richard is doing something seriously right, but is it still so 25 years on?

This album is sometimes denoted as a compilation, which is both right and wrong. This is a double album, with a second disc filled with rerecorded classics. But this review is all about the new material, new as in lifted off his latter US only releases plus four brand new numbers. Being a seasoned producer and song writer Richard sounds impeccable of cause. The new stuff, heartache ballad “Wouldn´t Let Me Love You”, the RICHARD MARX trade mark ballad “Like Heaven”, the rather raunchy rocker “All Over Me” and the funky piece “Scars”, are all of the sort that would have sold heaps in the eighties. You know what you get, fans of Richard´s. I may not be truly down for the count by any of the songs, but I sure do like what I hear and the “lost” years with stateside only releases are now finally here to re-convince his European fans. What I really like is the fact that there is variation on the album, the butter-sweet side of Richard sure is there, but also the rock, a side that many do not remember Richard for. Times might be a-changing, and has been for long, but the talent and feeling of RICHARD MARX prevails.

Track List
Had Enough
Wouldn´t Let Me Love You
Like Heaven
On the Inside
Through My Veins
Always on Your Mind
Come Running
All Over Me
Done to Me
Over My Head
Part of Me

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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