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Wigelius: Reinventions | FESTIVALPHOTO

Wigelius: Reinventions




Youthful new Swedish AOR band WIGELIUS was probably founded after vocalist Anders Wigelius sang JOURNEY´s top hit “Don´t Stop Believin´ “ on Swedish TV. Raised on the likes of RICHARD MARX, JOURNEY and FOREIGNER there was precious little debate of how the band would sound. Luckily brother Erik plays drums and Anders himself seems to be a bit of guitar and keyboard playing song writer. Jake Svensson on guitars and Chris “Wielbass” Pettersson handles the four string, of cause. No sign of a drummer is slightly worrying, but as this disc is produced by Daniel Flores there might be a live one after all. The aim seems to be to have fun and to reinvent the big old AOR sound of the eighties, how did they do?

They might be a fun lot after all. Their usage of classic song titles like “Too Young to Fall in Love”, “Right Here, Right Now” and “Hold on to Love”, to mention but a few, might be a homage to the days of old, albeit by young musicians and in s new costume. Titles are of cause of lesser importance, what is important is that opener “Angeline” is one of the better and more engaging this year. Old and slightly new are augmented by Ander´s voice, which is very promising. They do dot just play AOR, they move for rockier territory with the likes of “Piece of the Action” (no no…) and “Too Young to Fall in Love”, they do an EXTREME acoustic with the wannabe “Love Can Be that Much” and mimic THE STORM, though a bit stale, with “My Cassandra”. There is a bit too much that is too close for comfort here, but there is a lot of talent and promise also. The ballads sure need a bit more uniqueness, but the aim is right and the ability feels like lurking in the shadows. Not bad!

Track List
Talking About Love
Do You Really Know
Next to Me
My Cassandra
Piece of the Action
Too Young to Fall in Love
Right Here, Right Now
Love Can Be that Much
Hold on to Love
There Is No Me without You
I Reach Out

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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