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Graveyard: Altar of Sculptured Skulls | FESTIVALPHOTO

Graveyard: Altar of Sculptured Skulls



Pulverised/Sound Pollution

July 2007 saw founding members Julkarn (bass, guitas, vocals) and Bastard (guitar, bass), conjuring up the early stages of what was to become GRAVEYARD. The oair soon hooked up with drummer Gusi from UNDERTAKER. The object was to worship bands from their teens like ENTOMBED, MORBID ANGEL and VENOM, to name but a few. That year second guitarist SBE (ERED) joined the ranks, and promotion started of the demo “Into the Mausoleum”. They obtained a recording contract from Black Seed Productions after only a few months, and they were on their way. Since then, they have, in true underground old school death fashion released 2 EP´s, four splits and one full-length album, and toured relentlessly. Not least in 2010, as they toured Sweden with NOMINON, and gave me the opportunity to see them live. The ungodly story continues…

Old school death metal fans will not be disappointed. “An Epitaph Written in Blood” has a refrain of evil, the growls of Julkarn sometimes remind me of early NOCTURNUS, and there is an abundance of atmosphere. If you like death in cross-breed with doom, you will love the re-recorded “Ritual”, and this is essentially like a time machine set on the very beginnings of death metal. This comes highly recommended, as does their mutual heresies with NOMINON.

Track List
Altar of Sculptured Skulls
An Epitaph Written in Blood
Cult of the Shadows
Howl of the Black Death

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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