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Dokken: Broken Bones | FESTIVALPHOTO

Dokken: Broken Bones




DOKKEN, just taste the band name. Few bands had such a bright future back in the mid-nineties as DOKKE; led by esteemed vocalist Don Dokken, the band of George Lynch, guitar maestro, Jeff Pilson on bass and “Wild” Mick Brown on the drums, were flavor of the month between 1983-1989. But Don and George were not to last as personal differences grew and tension mounted. Don went solo with John Norum while George and Mick formed LYNCH MOB. Misery followed every attempt to reunite the band and the pair still seems to be on fragile terms. Since 2011 the originals apart from Don are working on an album as TOOTH and NAIL, possibly abbreviated TaN, with some other vocalist, possibly Sebastian Bach. But this brings us up to now as Don returns with DOKKEN, backed by original drummer “Wild” Mick Brown (who doubles n both bands, yes), Jon Levin on guitars and Sean McNabb on bass. Hard rock and caressing melodies the info says, let´s give it a spin.

Caressing melodies is perhaps the term for a massive lot of slow moving melodies with very emotional lyrics? Opener “Empire” is one of the best cuts, grand lyrical theme about burning empires and more pace than most in here. Jon Levin is also worth mentioning as a quality guitar player. The title track opens the mid-pace section and slow somewhat groovy songs with a slight depression and loads of emotion is perhaps the way to describe the eleventh studio album by the band. More greatness is spilled over in tracks like the well-arranged “For the Last Time” and the more than slightly retro “Tonight”. I personally prefer the tenth outing as “Lightning Strikes Again” was DOKKEN at their prime all over again with loads of better paced strictly melodic hit material. But alas, I fear that this is Don´s goodbye to the moniker DOKKEN. He has already hinted at embarking on a project with none other than MICHAEL SCHENKER. If you have everything by FDOKKEN get this one too. Listen to the pace and the many messages of goodbye. If you only have the albums of old…get “Lightning Strikes Again” and remember the band as they sounded in their heyday!

Track List
EmipireBroken Bones
Best of Me
Victim of the Crime
Burning Tears
For the Last Time
Fade Away

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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