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Grave Digger: Clash of the Gods | FESTIVALPHOTO

Grave Digger: Clash of the Gods



Napalm/Sound Pollution

From Scotland to Greece, GRAVE DIGGER continues to impress. Studio release number 16 from one of Germany´s longest running bands with a major audience. Still commanded by ubiquitous vocalist Chris Boltendahl, since 1980, the rest of the clan is; drummer Stefan Arnold, bass player Jens Becker (ex. RUNNING WILD), keyboard player H.P. Katzernburg and their latest recruit Axel “Iron Finger” Ritt, who joined in 2009. The feeling is that ever since 1996 the band has been on the rise. Maybe they can even kick out RUNNING WILD as the foremost German spitzenklasse in the genre?

The opening intro “Charon” is a daring oddball with something like an accordion, and Chris aspiring for a position in a cabaret in that voice. From then on the battle rages on. It seems the Grecian sun did the band a lot of good, creating new spark and a fresh hunting ground for new songs. “God of Terror” hammers on, “Death Angel and the Grave Digger” dominates alongside the EP-track “Home at Last”. And the BLITZKRIEG-like Warriors Revenge” makes me smile big time. The rest of the album is well above par, Teutonic to the core, but without the dreaded waltz-pace. The only faded moment is atmospheric intermission “With the Wind”. I must confess to always having preferred RUNNING WILD…until now. I think GRAVE DIGGER is the leading German heavy metal band at the moment and this one goes straight to my Top Ten 2013, may I be relived of the “Helldog” and the “Meduza” now please?

Track List
God of terror
Clash of the Gods
Death Angel and the Grave Digger
Walls of Sorrow
Call of the Sirens
Warrior´s Revenge
With the Wind
Home at Last

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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