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Obsession: Order of Chaos | FESTIVALPHOTO

Obsession: Order of Chaos



Inner Wound Recordings/Sound Pollution

OBSESSION rings bells of old. Forming in 1982 they were the foundation for the career of one Mike Vescera (ex. LOUDNESS, ex YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, solo etc.) from the humble beginnings on the infamous Metal Blade compilation “Metal Massacre 2” until 1989 when they folded after two full-length albums. That might have been the end of the story. But the band reformed in 2004 to cut “Carnival of Lies”, and in 2008 a Japan-only self titled album. But in 2009 the reborn band of Mike, HOUSE OF LORDS rhythm section BJ Zampa and Chris McCarville plus guitarists Scott Boland (MIKE VESCERA PROJECT) and John Bruno (X FACTOR X) commenced on what would become this album. The info sheet says that this is no tired old reunion band but the real deal, is this really true?

Well, first up, in true old fashion, is the title track. And what a title track! This is heavy metal with quite high-pitched vocals, a sing-along refrain and a forceful overall sound. “Forbidden Desire” is in the same league, perhaps with a better chorus. Then there is the slightly slower “Twist of the Knife”, the variation in melody of “When the Smoke Clears”, the OZZY 86-esque “LIcence to Kill”, the classic heavy metal of “Cold Day in Hell” and the neo-enough of the neat and well-arranged album closer “Dark Shadows”. Most metalheads will make do with the weaker moment of “Act of God”, an effort to incorporate a thrash riff and style with heavy metal that doesn´t quite click. People may say things about Mike Vescera´s evenness or not, but this is a highlight by a band of the moment!

Track List
Order of Chaos
Twist of the Knife
Forbidden Desire
When the Smoke Clears
Licence to Kill
Wages of Sin
Cold Day in Hell
Act of God
Mercy Killing
Dark Shadows

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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Stern H Stern H Skriven 2012-12-20 15:33:43
Best Authentic Power Metal release of 2012....easily
Jose Rod Jose Rod Skriven 2012-10-11 16:43:45
Fantastic metal album! Just got it and it is already a favorite. Got to play it LOUD