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Dawn of Winter: The Skull of the Sorcerer | FESTIVALPHOTO

Dawn of Winter: The Skull of the Sorcerer



Cyclone Empire/Sound Pollution

Back in 1990 Gerrit P. Mutz, vocals, and Oliver Schramm, drums, started DAWN OF WINTER. The first demo, Path of the Worm” appeared in 1991, and in 1992 they added Joachim Schmalzried, bass, and Jörg M Knittel, guitars. A five track was recorded, as Oliver suddenly left the band, only to be replaced by Dennis Schediwy. Gigs with the likes of MIRROR OF DECEPTION and PSYCHTIC WALTZ followed, as well as an LP, “Doomcult Performance”. Their first real long-player appeared in 1998, In the Valley of Tears”, and, in 2001, the MLP “Slow Is the Suffering”. Massacre Records singed the band and the result, The Peaceful Dead” soon appeared. You might say they move slowly, since this is their fourth somewhat official recording only, but again, most of them are limited or vinyl outings. So, how does it sound this slow boiling brew?

The chewing riff of “Dagon´s Blood2 sure has its H.P. Lovecraft connections cleared. The vocals are suitably rough, the pace is not too slow and the refrain is to my liking. The title track could be WITCHFINDER GENERAL, the riff is solid and the pace is as straight and on the spot as their British forerunner was. “By the Blessing of Death” has something borrowed about it, the pace changes but it is not quite up to par with the rest. Album closer “In Servitude to Destiny” is almost CANDLEMASS catchy (without losing in heaviness of cause) and sets the record straight again. They may not be crowd-pleasers or album mongers, but they sure belt out their brand of doom with loads of credibility!

Track List
Dagon´s Blood
The Skull of the Sorcerer
By the Blessing of Death
In Servitude to Destiny

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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