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Lord of Mushrooms: Perspectives | FESTIVALPHOTO

Lord of Mushrooms: Perspectives



Lion Music/Border

Italian band LORD OF MUSHROOMS returns with their third album after seven years in limbo. In the late 90´s guitarist Laurent James and bassist Julien Negro founded the band. They started out playing covers, went through the usual lineup changes before slowly transforming into the band of today. Fronted today by ex. ADAGIO vocalist “Gus” Monsanto, the rest of the ranks are made up by keyboard playing clarinet man Luca Mariotti and drummer Marco Talevi. Always allowing themselves five years between albums the question is whether the gaps have done them good.

To be precise, the only weak moment here is the less lavish “Awaken”. Otherwise this is a myriad of riffs, movements, rhythms, refrains, variation, and arrangements. Their finest moment is no doubt “The Missing Link”, which is up there with DREAM THEATER. But it is closely followed by “Warmth in the Wilderness” and “Grace (Dedicated to…)”. Whilst retaining their clearly progressive intent LORD OF MUSHROOMS manage to be accessible in the same way that an advanced computer program is user-friendly while an amazing composition on the inside. This is absolutely four star material …almost more…

Track List
Warmth in the Wilderness
Grace (Dedicated to...)
Circles on the Water
The Missing Link
Red Queen´s Race
Light and Thunder
Raindrops on My Wings
Nyx´s Robe
Falling (Bonus Track)

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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