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Pride of Lions: Immortal | FESTIVALPHOTO

Pride of Lions: Immortal




Frontiers seem to house most of the old SURVIVOR squad, and here goes Jim Peterik again. His fruitful venture as PRIDE OF LIONS together with the voice of Toby Hitchcock has more albums to their belt with this one. Offering a mix of ballads and rockers in the melodic rock vein the dynamic duo hopes to break it big in the US, which obviously hasn´t happened yet.

This album is more of a mixed bag that I thought. It has the big sounding five-star ballad, e.g. “Everything that Money Can´t Buy”, the catchy mastership of “Coin of the Realm” and the aged smokey rock of the long-time developed “Vital Signs”. BUT, it also has the overly polished songs, like “Tie Down the Wind”, the formulaic “Shine On”, the olive oil infested “Sending My Love” and the way too soft ballad in the shape of “Are You the Same Girl”. Where are the balls of rock? The vocals are very strong, the composing ability definitely noticeable…but the mix and the overall sound just doesn´t do it for me. I want an album like this to create emotions, which it doesn´t for production reasons. This one is a typical example of wanting to break it big in the US too much.

Track List
Tie Down the Wind
Shine On
Everything Money Can´t Buy
Coin of the Realm
Sending My Love
Vital Signs
If It Doesn´t Kill Me
Are You the Same Girl
Ask Me Yesterday

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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