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Civilization One: Calling the Gods | FESTIVALPHOTO

Civilization One: Calling the Gods



Limb Music/Sound Pollution

Having been around since 2006 CIVILIZATION ONE, formed by vocalist Chitral “Chity” Somapala, have just gotten round to releasing their second album. Belated by membership changes this album sports the lineup of Chity and original bassist Pierre-Emmanuel Pélisson, plus new recruits guitarists Nicklaus Bergen and Oliver Marmann and RED CIRCUIT drummer Michael Stein. Their aim is to put out melodic power metal that can compete with anyone, and, albeit in their own way, I believe they can achieve that.

The intro “Aazis” is an opener among many, but the title track hints at bigger things. Among their influences is something from the jungle, which is augmented by a fine arrangement and a sensible force. The refrain of “Land in Flames” is spot-on, and “Archangel” is metal in the finest and most sophisticated form. They do put in a bit of change with “Evil Eye”, which includes a different pace and something that briefly resembles growl. The flattest moment is the tepid “Hell Awaiting” which they should have left out. But next up is the perfect “True Believer” with its stubborn refrain and almost contagious melody. The rest is actually four to five star material too. The part weighing over in favor of the highest mar is the fact that they dare to be different. The ending of the Sri Lanka National cricket team “Believing the Dream” and the almost Lion King friendly “Dreams of Fire (We Unite as One)” hints at musicianship enough for more genres and a band full of ideas. This is one of the most enjoyable releases of 2012, and you simply can´t afford to be without it!

Track List
Calling the Gods
The Land in Flames
Evil Eye
Hell Awaiting
True Believer
The Supernatural Virtue
New World

Bonus Tracks
Spirit in the Wind
Believing the Dream
Dreams of Fire (We Unite as One)
Bonus Video Clip
The Land of Flames

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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