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Bone Gnawer: Feast of Flesh | FESTIVALPHOTO

Bone Gnawer: Feast of Flesh



Bone Gnawer: Feast of Flesh
Pulverized Records/SureShotWorx

The relation betwixt Sweden and the US has improved vastly since 2008. Kam Lee (ex. MASSACRE, ex. MANTAS/DEATH, ex DENIAL FIEND) has joined forces with Rogga Johansson (RIBSPREADER, DEMIURG, PAGANIZER), Morgan Lie (NAGLFAR) and Ronnie Björnström (RIBSPREADER). The band combines Florida´s 80´s death metal with the sound of Swedish death in the 90´s. The computer project has turned into a real band that writes of cannibals and serial killers – let the Horror Show begin!

Opening track “Feast of Flesh” starts out with pigs grunting before Kam Lee takes over to the tones the famous Swedish nineties. Ronnie Björnström has mixed and mastered with a cozy retro feel as the result. The sheer heaviness of the guitars and the drumming is impressive. Song titles like “Sliced & Diced”, “Defleshed and Skinned” and “Hammer to the Skull” are not untrue – this is brutal. The humor of decades gone is still present, as in the heedless “Cannibal Cook-Out”. I who was a die-hard death metal fan in the late eighties/early nineties feel totally at home. There is even a faint hit feeling in all the clear and present refrains, not least in “Make You Die Slow”. “The Saw Is Family” thunders out in the best Texas Chainsaw Massacre style. Those of you who enjoy the ways of the old ENTOMBED and similar acts will be totally addicted to the guitar riffs. The songs get a tad more accessible by the doses of the Florida sound of the late eighties. My horror fanatic side is befriended by a song like “Anthropophagus Beast”, what a great Italian inspired video it would make. Aw well, back to the roots, back to BONE GNAWER! This one is highly recommended.

Track List
Feast of Flesh
Sliced & Diced
Cannibal Cook-Out
Make You Die Slow
Hammer to the Skull
The Saw Is Family
Hatchet Face
Defleshed and Skinned
Antropophagus Beast
The Lucky Ones Die First

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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