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A Perfect Day: S/T




Here´s a new one, imagine three guys, members or associated with Italian heavy metal band LABYRINTH doing a moderns sounding hard rock album?! Well this is not a mirage, it has happened. Guitarist Andrea Cantarelli, bassist/vocalist Roberto Tiranti and drum ace Alessandro Bissa /VISION DIVINE) are A PERFECT DAY, and have debuted with Frontiers Records.

On the strong side this album contains a lot of well played and highly skilled melodic hard rock. The voice suits the music, the songs are of a quality that would work in many genres..but it is very modern sounding in places. Their self titled opener has a touch of its own, but the refrain can´t reach as high as possible due to the modern sound. That track plus “Now and Forever”, “Silent City” and the uptempo “Waiting on the Edge” are the best picks here. Unfortunately the album also includes the odd distortion of “Under the Same Sun” and the vague “Warm Embrace”. All in all I´d like to see this lot have a go at a classic sounding hard rock album with the same focus on refrains.

Track List
Another Perfect Day
Now and Forever
Long Road to Ruin
Alone and Free (Rockblind)
Silent City
Under the Same Sun
Here We Are Again
Waiting on the Edge
Warm Embrace
We Only Say Goodbye

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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