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Speaking to Stones: Elements | FESTIVALPHOTO

Speaking to Stones: Elements



Lion Music/Border

Project mastermind Tony Vinci has been here before, with a similar band of the same name. But after the self-titled debut he saw the need for a new formation, better suited to the more progressive stand that was taking form. This time around it is Tony on guitars, Andy Engberg of SECTION A on vocals, keyboard player Anthony Brown (GRAPHITE SYMPHONY), Greg Putnam (JAM PAIN SOCIETY on bass, and last but definitely not least prog drummer hero Mark Zonder of FATES WARNING fame. The album centers on the elements, “Fire”, “Wind”, “Water”, “Earth”, and a fifth, “Quinta Essentia” to keep the themes together.

Opener “Fire” is of cause intense, straightforward on the border of leaving the genre, but also boosts a great refrain. “Wind” is the virtuoso dream with the bloody well perfect arrangements. “Water” cools down for about 2 minutes, prior to gaining momentum. “Earth” is perhaps their finest moment, but keep in mind that the album is made up of 4,5 to 5-star material all the way. “Quinta Essentia” is there to patch the elements together, which it does and well as provides one of the finest solos of the album. This album is the last on my Best of 2012-list. There is preciously little more to ask for if you are into progressive metal.

Track List
Quinta Essentia

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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