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Weapons to Hunt: Blessed in Sin | FESTIVALPHOTO

Weapons to Hunt: Blessed in Sin



Vic Records/Sound Pollution

The name may not be familiar, but Messrs. Ron Van Der Polder, Adrie Kloosterwaard, Paul Beltman and Bas Brussaard makes you think of SINISTER don´t they? Completely right, we´re talking many original and founding members of the Dutch institution here, who surprisingly enough seem to be on collaborating terms here, but not in their most famed incarnation? The aim seems to be a return to the halcyon days of SOLSTICE, DEMLITION HAMMER and…SINISTER of cause!

This is, not surprisingly, totally old school. I would have wished for more grooves and refrains, but the bulldozer aspects of “Corpse Field” and opener “The Hell Room” is unmistakable! The routine on offer sure makes me demand a tad better songs though, as the normally quite “catchy” songs of SINISTER are not represented here. The best efforts on that behalf are undoubtedly the ending of the most melodic “False Positive system” and hammered-in with spoken middle part “Strike Face”. Well, well, a solid 3/5 it is, but to chose between this and Adrie´s “solo band” SINISTER of latter days? It´s like choosing between pestilence and death…no pun whatsoever intended…

Track List
The Hell Room
Blessed in Sin
Corpse Field
The Smell of Victory
Bullets for the Assassin
Merciless Impact
False Positive system
Strike Face

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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