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Infinite Translation: Masked Reality | FESTIVALPHOTO

Infinite Translation: Masked Reality



Emanes Metal Records

INFINITE TRANSLATION may not be the most metal name of 2012, but the band has been at it since 2004. Formed by lead guitarist/vocalist Max Maniac and drummer Fish Killer they opted for both classic heavy metal and thrash, but soon decided to stick with the latter. This was especially clear after their debut “Impulsive Attack” in 2010. The lineup is completed by bassist Jon Whiplash and rhythm guitarist Guillautine. Can´t wait to hear this one…
For being a Frenchie Max has a very authentic Bay Area voice. Opener “Malicious Mental Oppression” has a small share of acoustic picking before thrash mayhem ensues. No double bass drums of cause, and vary old school all in all. “Destined to Death”, “Lead to Madness” and “Life of Submission” are the shining stars on the album, while the aforementioned opener, the refrainless “Join the Masses” and the oddly named instrumental “The Boat Can Leave Now” are the downsides. I lack the refrain friendly attitudes of the big Bay Area names, but I also dig those bass grooves. A bit of a mixed bag really.

Track List
Malicious Mental Oppression
Destined to Death
Join the Masses
Killing Sollution
I´ll Love You Dead
Lead to Madness
Life of Submission
The Boat Can Leave Now
Masked Reality

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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