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Widowmaker: S/T



Angel Air/Border

Super groups are not a newly coined phenomenon. 1976 saw the rise of WIDOWMAKER, a band with plenty of rock pedigree. The lineup sported Steve Ellis on lead vocals, previously of LOVE AFFAIR and a solo career and guitarist Ariel Bender (real name Luther Grosvenor) of SPOOKY TOOTH, MOTT THE HOOPLE and STEALERS WHEEL fame. Today we would rank Bob Daisley (ex CHICKEN SHACK, ex. RAINBOW, ex. OZZY OSBOURNE, ex. URIAH HEEP, ex. GARY MOORE etc. etc.) and former HAWKWIND guitarist Huw Lloyd Langton at least as high. Drums on the album come courtesy of Paul Nichols (later on with IPANEMA KATZ) and some keyboards were supplied by Zoot Money, who played with a lot of Brit rock royalty.

This album is filled with cozy 70´s rock, often rather slow but at the same time mesmerizing. The whole heritage of the seventies seems to be in here, gentle caressing tracks like “Pin a Rose on Me”, the light guitar picking of “When I Met You”, the almost hypnotically great refrain of “Leave the Kids Alone” with its deep lyrical content, as well as the hysterically funny ho-ha of the probably in-joke closer “Got a Dream”. Ending it all is a three song live recording from the Paris Theatre in London in 1976. All of the tracks are worthy inclusions as they are non-LP. The atmosphere is tangible and WIDOWMAKER comes across as a live band. Coincidence seems to have prevented them from breaking it big (I believe) and with Huw gone (R.I.P) this is probably the closest you will ever get to witness the greatness of WIDOWMAKER.

Track List
Such a Shame
Pin a Rose On Me
On the Road
Straight Faced Fighter
Ain´t Telling You Nothing
When I Met You
Leave the Kids Alone
Shine a light On Me
Running Free
Get a Dream

Bonus tracks, Live at the Paris Theatre 1976
Come On Up
Too Late
El Doomo

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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