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Edge: Heaven Knows | FESTIVALPHOTO

Edge: Heaven Knows



Escape Music/Sound Pollution

EDGE is an overused word in the hard rock etc. business. But in this case I´ll make an exception. EDGE hails from Karlskoga in Sweden, and started life as a project. Jonas Forss, vocals, guitars, keyboards, and Tobias Andersson (SHADOWLAND, SEVEN WISHES), keyboards, guitars, shared musical dreams and had spent a lot of time in bands together. When they had 12 songs recorded they needed enforcements and called upon bass player Torbjörn Brogren (HEADS OR TALES), and drummer Olle Rodehn of SHADOWLAND. A short time later they were approached by quite a few record companies, the info says, and chose Escape. So, how good are they?

This album is like a time travel. There is nothing new here, but the gentle touch that adds greatness to the likes of the cozy “Little Girl”, the driven refrain of “How Long”, the Scandinavian handcraft of “I Could Never Live”, the hit feeling of “Right Now” and the TOTO-JOURNEY-isms of “The End of the World” is a rare thing. The least exciting moment is “To Hell and Back”, which is simply a bit less inspired than the other ten. There is a bit of shredding squeezed in here, but the main thing is the melodies and the touch of the old masters. If you like that, you cannot miss out on this one.

Track List
Little Girl
How Long
Nowhere to Hide
Get Over It
I Believe in Love
There Is No Other Way
I Could Never Live
Right Now
To Hell and Back
Through That Door
The End of the World

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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