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Damnation Angels: Bringer of Light | FESTIVALPHOTO

Damnation Angels: Bringer of Light



Massacre/Sound Pollution

UK newcomers DAMNATION ANGELS show more than the term “newcomer” hints at. The lineup of main man, guitarist, orchestrator and backing vocalist William Graney (CRADLE OF FILTH orchestrator), vocalist Per Fredrik Asly (PELLE K for short as an artist), drummer John Graney, bassist Steven Averill and pianist Dawn Trigg have been around since 2006, and debuted with their first EP “Shadow Symphony” in 2009. The critics were nice and a lot of touring followed. The band then felt ready for their debut. This album was released in Japan in 2012 and the video for “Pride (The Warrior´s Way) has been viewed a lot on YouTube. What could stop them now?

Maybe not a lot. The first half of the album is is very ok for “beginners”, but it is the last part that foretells of things to come. “Pt 2 – Someone Else” is like the band revving up, while “Pt 3 – Bringer of Light” is a progressive revelation. Heavy yet progressive, the voice of Pelle K seems indefatigable and there is a lot of details adding up to a masterful whole. The same goes for the much viewed “Pride (The Warriors Way)”. Much of the album has ingredients of a cinema score, but here it is in full bloom. The difference is mind-blowing as the entire score falls in place. I think this lot has their best days ahead of them,
but this album is well worth getting as it displays their formative days in full.

Track List
Ad Finem
The Longest Day of My Life
I Hope
Pt 1 - Acerbus Inceptum
Pt 2 - Someone Else
Pt 3 - Bringer of Light
Pt 4 - Shadow Symphony
No Leaf Clover
Pride (The Warrior´s Way)

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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