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Heavatar: Opus I - All My Kingdoms | FESTIVALPHOTO

Heavatar: Opus I - All My Kingdoms



Napalm Records/Sound Pollution

VAN CANTO mastermind Stefan Schmidt is behind this one, enlisting the aid of classic drummer Jörg Michael and a bunch of classical composers. Modern, undoubtedly German, power metal meets classical music in various doses. The BLIND GUARDIAN choir is here in part, the same goes for Stefan´s friends in VAN CANTO. Everything for true lovers of metal is said to be here, can this project be that complete?

First up, to avoid taking up page after page I steer clear of enlisting every classical movement that is used on this disc. When I first heard “Replica” Everything felt familiar at once, even the refrain. It was so well-packed together and so aimed at what may have become the heart of power metal. “Abracadabra” is a bit more unique as classical music meets the Eurovision Song Contest. But as the album progressed I felt a bit uneasy. The songs with obvious classical connections were quite pleasant, while the other ideas had run out by the rather dreadful “Luna! Luna!”. Album closer “To the Metal” is not arranged for best effect and becomes quite dreadful too. Stefan is normally a aster vocalist, but I didn´t quite get to grips with his efforts as early as “Elyseum at Dawn”/track four. I might be peckish but I think the feeling of this album is that of a rushed project.

Track List
All My Kingdoms
Elysium at Dawn
Long Way Home
Born to Fly
Luna! Luna!
The Look Above
To The Metal


Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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