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Molly Hatchet: Paying Tribute | FESTIVALPHOTO

Molly Hatchet: Paying Tribute



Collectors Dream Records/Sound Pollution

Southern boogie outfit MOLLY HATCHET recorded this album back in 2008 to pay tribute to their old favorites. It has also been released as “Southern Rock Masters”. The material is a mix of songs by what I think is obvious; ZZ TOP and MOUNTAIN but then there is a couple of tracks by THE ROLLING STONES and THE EAGLES each. The band was at the time; Bobby Ingram and Dave Hlubeck (sole original member), guitars, vocalist Phil McCormack, bassist Tim Lindsey, drummer Shawn Beamer and keyboard player John Galvin.

Opener “Sharp Dressed Man” by ZZ TOP fits like a glove, as does the surprise “The Boys Are Back in Town” by THIN LIZZY. In short the rocking stuff works in general, the slower things get the less I like it. THE ALMAN BROTHERS BAND, here represented by “Melissa” and “Dreams I´ll Never See” also fits the bill. And just to make it clear, hardly anyone who is faithful to MOUNTAIN´s “Mississippi Queen” fails. But I think they should have left the slower THE EAGLES numbers alone, and probably also “Tumbling Dice” and “Wild Horses” by THE ROLLING STONES. It is a mixed bag this one, and I quite enjoy myself at first, but I get wearier towards the end. The end of the covers that is - because MOLLY HATCHET live…is a sweet story!

Track List
Sharp Dressed Man (ZZ TOP)
The Boys Are Back in Town (THIN LIZZY)
Desperado (THE EAGLES)
Bad to the Bone (GEORGE THOROGOOD)
Dreams I´ll Never See (ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND)
Mississippi Queen (MOUNTAIN)
Tequila Sunrise (THE EAGLES)

Live Bonus racks
Whiskey Man
Beatin´ the Odds
Flirtin´ with Disaster

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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