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N.O.W.: Bohemian Kingdom | FESTIVALPHOTO

N.O.W.: Bohemian Kingdom



Escape/Sound Pollution

Bass player and band leader Alex Mendonca has some fascinating times behind him, I say behind him as he seems to be able to focus on music again after 2009/10. N.O.W. is Alex and keyboard player Jean Barros´s brainchild. They held their breath and contacted some internet acquaintances ending up with a positive response from the extremely talented Philip Bardowell (ex. PETR CRISS, ACE FREHLEY, ex. BEACH BOYS and ex. UNRULY CHILD). The band debuted in 2010 with “Force of Nature”. Three years later Alex needed a new lineup and found; guitarist Juno Moraes and drums are handled by both Diogo Macedo and guest and producer/mixer Lars Chriss (LION`S SHARE). The backing vocals are handled by; Mike Wallace, Matti Alfonzetti, Philip Bardowell, Alex himself, the Church Choir of Mission Viejo California. So there are tinges of stardom here, how about the outcome?

All in all I was hoping for a bit more, maybe Philip´s previous work has spoilt me? The really outstanding track or tracks are actually absent, though the full-blown title track and the lingering and very mature ballad “No One Can Feel It´s Over” are pretty close. There are a couple of MAGNUM-esque tracks, e.g. the rather vague “Leon´s Going Soft”. The opener “I´m Alive” is in high spirits but only touches the magnificence I hoped for. Nevertheless there are no inferior moments, but the feeling is of a band trying to test a lot to see what pleases the crowd…making this too diverse at times.

Track List
I´m Alive
I Feel Divine
Don´t Go Now
Strong Enough
Tonight Is the Night
Bohemian Kingdom
Leon´s Going Soft
Cassie´s Dream
No One Can Feel It´s Over

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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