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Vindictiv: Cage of Infinity | FESTIVALPHOTO

Vindictiv: Cage of Infinity



Escape/Sound Pollution

Gothenburg band VINDICTIV has been a going concern since 2004, but now they have changed. Stefan Lindhom is still the band leader and gutarist, but Göran Edman is no longer part of the band. His replacement is Marco Sandron (ex. EDEN´S CURSE) and the music is less progressive and more straightforward than on the two previous releases (“Vindictiv” 2008, and “Ground Zero” 2009). The tag “Featuring members of THERION, TREAT, ZAN CLAN and LAST AUTUMN´S DREAM” sure evokes softer approaches in general…

But soft it is not - most of the time this album is about fast progressive metal, choruses and the inheritance of a certain YNGWIE MALMSTEEN. Opener “The Chosen” is not a favorite though. The arrangement doesn´t attract my interest compared to most of the tracks and I´m old fashioned enough to claim a great opening track. The title track has more qualities as the guitar work is great and the refrain far clearer and better. But if I had my way they would have opened with the most memorable track “Resistance”. The track where everything falls into place; the guitar work, the quick pace, the refrain etc. The try to repeat the formula in “Son of Fate”, reaching a long way, but only almost. Most of the tracks are close but not quite reaching all the way. But I actually expected more from this album and I also believe that Göran Edman is a hard act to follow even if Marco is not far from the real deal.

Track List
The Chosen
Cage of Infinity
Down in a Black Hole
Human Emergency
Son of Fate
The Encounter
Screaming for Answers

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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