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M:Pire of Evil: Crucified | FESTIVALPHOTO

M:Pire of Evil: Crucified



Mausoleum Records

Welcome to yet another divided band situation. Who started it, WISHBONE ASH? Anyway VENOM as you all know became legendary during the NWOBHM with their no frills (or musical knowledge) bang on satanic heavy metal. The album “Black Metal” probably laid the base for a Norwegian movement etc. As Cronos, Mantas and Abbadon were closing in on a collapse in 1985/86 the band metamorphosed and became VENOM with actual musical abilities. But the really good albums “Prime Evil” (1989), “Temples of Ice” (1991) and “The Waste Lands” (1992) were never fully appreciated, if you ask me. Since 2010 Mantas, Demolition Man (Tony Dolan, ex. ATOMKRAFT) and lately the drum stool is occupied by JXN.

They go for “Temples of Ice” right away, good choice. The album is made up of more than 80% classic songs, and only two new. Most of the songs are from “The Waste Lands” this time, while their previous effort “Hell to the Holy” contained less old material. The songs are, as can be expected, intensive, and Tony´s lost none of his edge during his acting career. My instant faves are “Blackened Are the Priests” and “Black legions”, old stuff of cause. But next to them I think that the closing track “Taking It All” deserves a mention. It is a thundering track with the necessary choruses and the heaviness to match Prime Time Prime Evil VEN…sorry M:PIRE OF EVIL!

Track List
Temples of Ice
Kissing the Beast
Blackened Are the Priests
Black Legions
Need to Kill
Taking It All

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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