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Giuntini Project: IV | FESTIVALPHOTO

Giuntini Project: IV



Escape Music/Sound Pollution

Italian guitar great Aldo Giuntini is back with his exciting project, and with the seriously underappreciated Tony Martin (ex. BLACK SABBATH) handling the vocals. The rest of the band is all Italian; drummers Fabiano Rizzi and Roberto Gualdi, bass player Fulvio Gaslini. A certain Liz Vandall contributes vocals on “Bring on the Night”. According to te info we can expect a mixture of BLACK SABBATH´s “Headless Cross” and “Tyr”, RAINBOW´s “Long Live Rock´n´Roll” and “Risning”, DIO´s “Holy Diver” and added energy in the vein of LOUDNESS. That ought to make for the title “Album of the Year” – or does it?

Opener “Perfect Sorrow” has RAINBOW vibes to it, guitars and keyboards, but the refrain is a bit too straightforward to be of the highest class. The DIO-esque lyrics of “Born in the Underworld” complete with SABBATH grooves is top notch though. The laons off the 70´s RAINBOW, 80´s DIO and 90´s SABBATH trademarks are quite well mixed together and makes for a lot of listening pleasure. Tony has realized that the 80´s are gone and does not attempt to reach the same high notes as back then. As Tony likes these days there is a streak of blues in many places, e.g. “I Don´t Believe in Fortune”, and they even venture into WHITESNAKE territory in album closer “The Truth Never Lies”. The era of American success for Coverdale & Co that is. Some flaws are here, the likes of the somewhat lukewarm mid-pace track “Bring on the Night” and the surprisingly un-inspired instrumental “Last Station: Nightmare” will never win the band any favors. But still the guitar work of Aldo is steaming all the time, and one of the best features on the album. Recognizing Tony´s voice is another but fact remains; If you´re penchant to a bit of “Headless Long Diver”, this is the album for you.

Track List
Perfect Sorrow
Born in the Underworld
Shadow of the Stone
I Don´t Believe in Fortune
If the Dream Comes True
The Rise and Fall of Barry Lyndon
Bring on the Night
Not the Jealous Kind
Saint or Sinner
Last Station: Nightmare
How the Story Ends
Truth Never Lies

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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