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Master: Unknown Soldier - Unreleased 1985 Album | FESTIVALPHOTO

Master: Unknown Soldier - Unreleased 1985 Album



Vic Records/Sound Pollution

Chicago´s extreme death metal forerunners MASTER are a well-known proposition if you´re into the hard side of metal. Back in 1984 they were not yet famed and signed to Combat Records in good faith. The album was sort of caught up in between didn´t see the light of day…until now. The lineup was Paul Speckmann, vocals and bass, Chris Mittleburn, guitars and Bill Schmidt, drums.

With influences like VENOM and a political outlook that certainly was deemed “less American” MASTER thundered away at what was supposed to be their first album. Different opinions kept this album at bay until 2003, and here it is again with splendid new artwork. At times, as in opener “Master”, they qualify as qualified noise, especially the guitars sound…odd. But Paul used his vocals and convictions to the max to save the song. The title track is plagued by the strange drum sound, but apart from that it is exactly the style MASTER is famed for. The frenetically short “Mangled Dehumanisation” is so shot I hardly remember it, but it is the American way and development of what Lant, Dunn and Bray started in Newcastle 5-6 years previously. The varying sound is not to the albums credits, but the originality and the beast in progress is there. “Funeral Bitch” is very VENOM, as is “Re-entry and Destruction”. But the finest moments are yet to come; the thrashy opening of the bass heavy “Constant Quarrel”, the improved sound quality and thrash abilities of “Judgement of Will” and the swift uniqueness of “Cut Through the Filth” is MASTER in every aspect. The latter song even has a memorable flute part. If you´re into MASTER you might have this already, if not GET IT. If you are into crisp and clear productions with masterful musicians… read another review.

Track List
Unknown Soldier
Mangled Dehumanisation
Funeral Bitch
PLedge of Alliance
Re-entry and Destruction
Constant Quarrel
Judgement of Will
Submerged in Sin
Cut Through the Filth

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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