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Johansson & Speckmann: Sulphur Skies | FESTIVALPHOTO

Johansson & Speckmann: Sulphur Skies



Vic Records/Sound Pollution

Old school specialist and nowadays Czech Republic citizen Paul Speckmann (MASTER, KRABATHOR, MARTYR) and more recent but faithful addition Rogga Johansson (THE GROTESQUERY, RIBSPREADER) have joined forces for this one. Paul sings and Rogga handles guitars and bass. Drums are supplied by Brynjar Helgetun (THE GROTESQUERY, RIBSPREADER). 12 pure old school tracks are promised, and the dynamic duo has achieved greatness on their own in the past. But what about now…?

In short this has a ring of worn and less imaginative about it. Perhaps it is a case of being too faithful? I have the greatest respect for these gents, but the recent rerelease of MASTER´s unreleased real debut and THE GROTESQUERY´s excellent long-titled 2012 outing makes this one blush. This lacks in refrains, the highlights being, truthfully only two (the fast and furious “Spiritual Wasteland” and the vocals and the pace of the groovy “Power and Madness”). Maybe I´m a bit harsh but I expected more of this fusion. The vocals slide betwixt the right old style and croaks reminiscent of someone throwing up. Paul usually hits the right note… with other bands. Many good efforts are thwarted buy the vocals, and the spark of many of their other bands just doesn´t appear here. Nice idea, but not really up to par.

Track List
Everyone Rots
Spiritual Wasteland
Taste the Iron
Sulphur Skies
Rotten Lands
Power and Madness
Vile Stench and Decay
The Wretched Man
The World Is Set to Burn
The Real Victims
Crawl for Miles
The Stench of Mankind

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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