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Annihilator: Feast DeLuxe | FESTIVALPHOTO

Annihilator: Feast DeLuxe




Canadian success story ANNIHILATOR has actually been around since 1984. Early albums like “Alice in Hell” and “Never Neverland” are considered masterpieces and the ballad successes of “Set the World on Fire” in 1993 is also worth mentioning. Today the many lineups seems to have called for a solution that leaves founder guitarist Jeff Waters and guitarist, bassist, vocalist Dave Padden, as the only permanent members. For live purposes they also use bassist Alberto “Al” Campuzano and drummer Mike Harshow. To keep a link to the past, this version of the album contains 11 re-recorded classics spanning their entire career.

The technical level is as always splendid with ANNIHILATOR, as is the sound. The drums are triggered to the max, the vocals could be more varied but fill their purpose, and the cover feels misplaced. Probably a homage to the current zombie trend. If I could have “Smear Campaign” and “Wrapped” surgically removed this would be an album with few flaws. The first has a worn riff, nevertheless flawlessly performed, and gets technically cold, the latter has the same problems and is also equipped with lyrics that doesn´t linger…only get on your nerves. Otherwise “Deadlock” has a fat riff, a stomping refrain and is ANNIHILATOR in their 21ct technical excellence. Many songs adhere to that term, and still the band manage to squeeze in the funky jazz guitar of the highly entertaining “No Surrender”, the piano augmented caress of “Perfect Angel Eyes” and the musical feat of the fabulously arranged “One Falls, Two Rise”. And remember that they perform all of this while shredding their …stings out. I think that the zombie on the cover ought to stretch strings, as that is what this band does in the best possible way.

The bonus tracks of the ECO book opens with “The Fun Palace”, which was roughly the way I fell for the band many years ago. That and “Alison Hell”, “Never Neverland”, “Stonewall” and “Brain Dance” are worth the asking price alone, at least to me. The rest is pure bonus with 21ct technical rifferama excellence even though the songs don´t quite match the oldies. The price addition is so small it´s ridiculous.

Track List
No Way Out
Smear Campaign
No Surrender
Perfect Angel Eyes
Demon Code
Fight the World
One Falls, Two Rise

Bonus Disc, re-recorded tracks
The Fun Palace
Alison Hell
King of the Kill
Never Neverland
Ultra Motion
Time Bomb
Refresh the Demon
World Sallad
Brain Dance

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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