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King Kobra: II




In 2011 KING KOBRA was resurrected with the lineup of founder member Carmine Appice, drums, David Michel Phillips and Mick Sweda, guitars, Johnny Rod, bass and “new boy” Paul Shortino (ex. ROUGH CUTT, ex. QUIET RIOT). The comeback album was blessed with a bluesier voice than the more fragile voice of original vocalist Mark Free. This time around the band seems to have opted for a more seventies orientated approach in the vein of MONTROSE and BAD COMPANY. This new direction is far off their own peak with albums like “Ready to Strike” or “Thrill of a Lifetime”.

This album never really hit it off with me. The sound seems affected by a fling of dated studio syndrome, the guitars in opener “Hell on Wheels” has a strange set up and the normally sweet voice of Paul Shortino sounds strained at times. The successor “Knock ém Dead” doesn´t ring any normal KING KOBRA bells, I´d rather say that they sound like a polished garage band. After the attempt at a film noir like “The Ballad of Johnny Rod” the nice moments are far betwixt. Seven songs to go, and only the blues swagger of “The Crunch” and the rather standard blues fare of “Don´t Keep Me Waiting” are nice enough to remember. I wander what any remaining fans will say? This is by no means anywhere near the heedless hair days of ”Iron Eagle (Never Say Die)” or any other song you might remember this lot by. I was hoping for a return to the eighties, or a continuation of form from their previous self titled reunion album. I got none of the above, only the feeling of a rush job.

Track List
Hell on Wheels
Knock ´Em Dead
Have a Good Time
The Ballad of Johnny Rod
Take Me Back
When the Hammer Comes Down
Running Wild
The Crunch
Got It Coming
Deep River
Don´t Keep Me Waiting
We Go Round

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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