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Black Star Riders: All Hell´s Breaking Loose | FESTIVALPHOTO

Black Star Riders: All Hell´s Breaking Loose



Nuclear Blast/Warner

BLACK STAR RIDER is as close as you get to an operational version of THIN LIZZY so many years after Phil Lynott passed away. When the latest touring version of THIN LIZZY considered making an album there was doubt and even anger, of cause. Scott Gorham probably more than anyone, or the estate of the Lynott family, we´ll never know for sure. After a few lineup changes Messrs. Scott Gorham, Damon Johnson, Ricky Warwick, Marco Mendoza and Jimmy DeGrasso entered the studio. Here are the results.

There is little evidence of copycat here, or they are only copycats. The opening of the title track and the single “Bound for Glory” have every trademark of Irelands most famous. But it is also easy to feel at home with the material. The only two tracks that are slightly inferior to the rest are the less spirited or heavier “”Kissin´ the Ground” (which is slightly running on empty), and the less engaging “Someday Salvation”. But just take a few minutes and listen without prejudice to “Kingdom of the Lost”, or “Hoodoo Voodoo”, or Valley of the Stones” or… The list goes on. I may only be really prone to to “Renegade” and “Thunder and Lightning” of the original bands output…oh, eerr, and this one!

Track list
All Hell Breaks Loose
Bound for Glory
Kingdom of the Lost
Kissin´ the Ground
Hey Judas
Hoodoo Voodoo
Valley of the Stones
Someday Salvation
Before the War
Blues Ain´t so Bad

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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