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Magnus Karlsson´s Free Fall: S/T | FESTIVALPHOTO

Magnus Karlsson´s Free Fall: S/T




Swedish guitarist songwriter and producer Magnus Karlsson is a long time associate of Frontiers why this album was expected. He sure has assembled something of a dream team to help out including Mark Boals, Tony Harnell, Mike Andersson, David Readman etc. Expectations must be high…

The overall impression is that of a musical maestro using all available talents and every trick of every genre to make things smooth and right. There is an amazing number of what I call “rubber songs, i.e. tracks that can be sold to almost any artist in any genre and they would no doubt be successful. Just listen to the title track, “Not My Saviour” and “Dreamers and Hunters”. Eight of the remaining tracks are little gems close behind and only the ABBA inspired “Last Tribe” is not to my liking. All the ABBA worship of late is beginning to become annoying… Magnus more than well stands on his own feet, and there is preciously little to add. With only a risk of being noted as leaning on E-TYPE´s success and style, albeit in metal, I think this is one of 2013´s albums that has the highest individual track score in my book…if only one song hadn´t drag this one down…

Track List
Free Fall
Heading Out
Not My Saviour
Us Against the World
Our Time Has Come
Ready or Not
Last Tribe
Dreamers and Hunters
On Fire

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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