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Chasing Violets: Jade Hearts | FESTIVALPHOTO

Chasing Violets: Jade Hearts



AOR Records/Border

French sisters Sarah and Melissa Fontaine go for their second outing since 2012. For this one they have also enlisted the aid of many strong names in the business; Frederic Slama, Tommy Denander, Paul Sabu, Göran Edman, MIkael Erlandsson etc. Pretty much the who´s who in melodic rock. They do what many football teams do to win the league…will they?

I really think they reached for the stars but ended in the tree tops. I find only four songs that are clearly above average, and the nasal voice of one of the sisters lingers the wrong way. “A Shot in the Dark”, “Silent Victory”, Jade Hearts” and “Halo of Light” are all good, the latter is also a much needed rockier moment. Intonations, stiff refrains, pale material (perhaps written in French first?) and tracks that doesn´t linger plagues the album. Just seeing the name Tommy Denander usually means high hopes, but not even Tommy raises this one out of the middle.

Track List
The Main Attraction
Web of Lies
A Shot in the Dark
Silent Victory
Deception in Heaven
Jade Hearts
Secrets in the Shadows
Hollow Triumph
Exile in Sadness
The Scarlet Nymph
Halo of Lights
I Owe It to Myself

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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