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Arc Angel: Harlequins of Light | FESTIVALPHOTO

Arc Angel: Harlequins of Light




JEFF CANNATA is a legend in his own right after the first ARC ANGEL album back in 1983. He has released five more albums under his own name or under the ARC ANGEL moniker; leading up to this eagerly awaited sixth release.

This is one of the most even albums of 2013. There is a feeling of Jeff of cause, but also of YES and MAGNUM in various parts. There is pomp, as in the title track, to mention but one, there is master class song writing all over, even in the unexpected (NIGHT RANGER-ish) “California Daze”, and drama as in closing track “Legend of the Mary Celeste”. Think a multi-talented multi-instrumentalist, think vintage YES, think MAGNUM around “Kingdom of Madness” but with updated overall sound. It is actually pompous, high tech and commercial, JEFF CANNATA`s ARC ANGEK is a bit like the demanding listeners Kinder Egg!

Track List
Harlequins of Light
As Far as the Eye Can See
War (Battle Wounds of Life)
Voice of Illuminati
Through the Night
Amnesia (The Rest of Your Life)
Fortune Teller 2
California Daze
Get to You
Diamonds and Gold
Legend of the Mary Celeste

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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