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Blitzkrieg: Back from Hell | FESTIVALPHOTO

Blitzkrieg: Back from Hell



Metal Nation Records

The journey of BLITZKRIEG started in Leicester back in 1980. Vocalist Brian Ross is the sole original member today, and there has been a few musicians passing through the ranks. The latest incarnation of the band came into being quite recently. As Messrs. Guy Laverick, guitars, Paul Brewis, bass, and Phil Brewis, drums departed they were replaced by Alan Ross (yep, it´s the son), Bill Baxter and Micky Kerrigan respectively. Remaining from 2002 is still the ubiquitous Ken Johnson on guitars and without Brian there would be no BLITZKRIEG.

This time around the band opts for TV-series, movies, ghost stories, the usual tribute and a friendly return of goodwill. Jack the Ripper was the inspiration behind “Unholy Trinity” in 1995, and here he obviously returns in fine form. The band also returns to the village from where they escaped in 2006 (a long time after Patrick McGoohan) vehemently refusing to be number six. Stargate and Sleepy Hollow also get the treatment, and there is space opera around in few songs more. Their admiration for JUDAS PRIEST gets another form as “Call for the Priest” is not only similar in style, but also crammed with JUDAS PRIEST song titles. Last but not least they return the favor as METALLICA´s “Seek and Destroy” is lifted to new heights (the lyrical errors once made seems not present here), and will surely be a live favorite for years to come. And there is even a duet with a lady I can´t find any info on. But most importantly they do it in style. There is a lot of Leicester 1980 here, as well as a new edge in the guitar duels. I may still miss the individual style of Guy Laverick, but he was sort of overkill here. Something tells me that this is more of a beginning than the end of a band I can recommend to anyone with a serious penchant for true British heavy metal.

Track list
Jack´s Back
Back from Hell
Buried Alive
Complicated Issue
Return to the Village
One Last Time
Call for the Priest
Sleepy Hollow
We Have Assumed Control

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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