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Ereb Altor: Fire Meets Ice | FESTIVALPHOTO

Ereb Altor: Fire Meets Ice



Cyclone Empire/Sound Pollution

Swdish Viking metal purists EREB ALTOR released their first opus, “By Honor” in 2007. The music was prime era BATHORY if you like “Twilight of the Gods” and atmosphere over half-blackish influences. The follow-up, “The End” was out in 2010, on Napalm Records and they also issued “Gastrike” in 2012. This time around, and on Cyclone Empire, the horde has followed the more blackish approach of “Gastrike”.

A more blackish approach is not quite to my liking, but there are also elements of true Scandinavian warriors and their strife. I thought I´d dislike this album but… The opening title track is divided into several segments including a beautiful opening and a lot of beauty. I consider it to be the absolute and utter highlight of the album. On the other end we have significantly more deadly and boring “The Chosen Ones”. A lot of atmosphere is wasted on blackish deadly churning nothingness. But for the rest of the album I´d say that “Sacrifice” and onwards, track tree to nine is more than well into the Viking legacy and the atmosphere that I need to get in the right mood for this. “Nifelheim” is even above the rest and boosts a really neat melodic pattern and a pace that will have us all reaching for our swords…

Track List
Fire Meets Ice
The Chosen Ones
My Ravens
The Deceiver Shall Repent
Post Ragnarök
Our Legacy

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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