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REO Speedwagon: Live at Moondance Jam | FESTIVALPHOTO

REO Speedwagon: Live at Moondance Jam




Who said old people don´t rock? In the case of REO SPEEDWAGON you´re at youngster at 50, and keyboardist Neal Doughty has been around since 1967! Middle men Kevin Chronin, vocals, rhythm guitars and piano/keys, (67) and Bruce Hall, bass, vocals, have been around since 1972/76 and 1977 respectively. New boys Dave Amato, lead guitars, vocals, and Bryan Hill, drums, percussion, have only been on board since 1989. How many albums have they made? Let´s put it like this, they have proven sales of around 40 million LP´s et al. Still they rocked Moondance Jam to their knees, as you who get this release will discover.

It is all so seventies rock innocent but the refrains still pack a good punch. Opener “Don´t Let Him Go” sort of glues itself on you, as is the case with “Take It On the Run” but as they roll out the perennial “Can´t Fight This Feeling” one realizes that resistance is futile. Still they save the best for last, but apart from “Like You Do” there´s nothing to complain about here. But as they stomp through “Back on the Road Again”, “Roll with the Changes” and “Ridin´ the Storm Out” I wish I was there to see the show. There nothing new under the sun, but their routine and youthful playfulness makes for a complete band.

Track List
Don´t Let Him Go
Keep On Loving You
In Your Letter
Take It On the Run
Keep Pushin´
Golden Country
Can´t Fight This Feeling
Like You Do
Time for Me to Fly
Back On the Road Again
Roll with the Changes
Ridin´ the Storm Out
157 Riverside Avenue

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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