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Lover Under Cover: Into the Night | FESTIVALPHOTO

Lover Under Cover: Into the Night



Escape Music/Sound Pollution

Sweden´s almost best kept secret LOVER UNDER COVER strikes back with a melodic vengeance. Melodic rock sometime suffers from a lack of profile, but this lot only needs more PR. Featuring multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Mikael Carlsson, Vocalist and keyboardplayer Mikael Erlandsson (LAST AUTUMN´S DREAM), guitarist Martin Kronlund (PHENOMENA, GYPSY ROSE) and drummer Perra Johansson (COLDSPELL) some might overlook this proposition as lacking really major names. What a mistake.

Opener “A Fight” immediately got my attention, a slightly Oriental opening moves into verse and into a fabulous refrain. There are perhaps two fillers here; “Miracle” and the tedious “Crushing Stones”, the rest is on par or more with the competition. A cover of MARTIKA`s “Toy Soldier” gets more punch and a Scandi-treatment but it´s their own material that impressed me. Apart from the aforementioned opener we have “Playboy No 7” which is flagship SCANDI-AOR in fine 80´s fashion and the real dominance of the full-blast hits “The Game Is On” and the almost initially restrained “Fantasy Man” that explodes into a massive song as it evolves. Two songs less would have rendered it a 5/5 review, now it reaches a particularly strong 4/4.

Track List
A Fight
Into the Shadows
Toy Soldier
Crushing Stones
Life Is Easy
Playboy No 7
The Game Is On
Fantasy Man
Closer to the Truth

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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