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Royal Hunt: A Life to Die For | FESTIVALPHOTO

Royal Hunt: A Life to Die For



12th studio album of international metal band ROYAL HUNT sounds in a way connected to their previous outing ”Show Me How to Live”. Most people probably ask themselves if this release will come close to a classic like ”Paradox”. Nevertheless it is an improvement on ”Show Me How to Live” from the first chord on.

ROYAL HUNT will always be a lot of Andre Andersen. The keyboard master has put the guitars of Jonas Larsen in the shadow, but in opener ”Hell Comes Down From Heaven” it feels only natural. There will of cause be more keys than guitars in virtually every song, and for once I don´t disapprove. My only objection is the rather European Song Contest sounding ”Running Out of Tears. The arrangement is fine but the pop of that song is probably est forgotten. On the other hand we have the opener, ”One Minute Left to Live”, ”Won´t Trust, Won´t Fear, Won´t Beg” and the closing title track. The latter is pure seven minute majesty. The musicianship is stellar through and through, but this album will still reside a bit in the shade of their label mates RING OF FIRE in 2014.

Track List
Hell Comes Down From Heaven
Bullet´s Tale
Running Out of Tears
One Minute Left to Live
Sign of Yesterday
Won´t Trust, Won´t Fear, Won´t Beg
A Life to Die For

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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