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Boston: Life, Love & Hope | FESTIVALPHOTO

Boston: Life, Love & Hope




US classic rock heavyweights (although famed for light rock) BOSTON returns after more than ten years off the spotlight. No pressure surely...
Main multi-instrumentalist Tom Scholz has enlisted quite a few to help out with this album, most noticeably sadly deceased vocalist Brad Delp. Others to feature are Gary Phil, Tommy DeCarlo, Kimberly Dahme, Curly Smith, David Victor, Jeff Neal, Beth Cohen and special guests Louis St August and Jude Nejmanowski.

The outcome of it all is not up to par. I expected at least five full-blown hits of a perfectionist but this is more hackneyed than any of the band´s previous output. Elevator music is a term that quite often springs to mind. Quite a few refrains doesn´t linger, some are downright poor, the instrumental “Last Day of School” is a short time-waster and “If You Were in Love” might be beautiful but it´s out of context here. I fear this should have been left on the shelf...

Track List
Heaven on Earth
Didn´t Mean to Fall in Love
Last Day of School
Sail Away
Life, Love & Hope
If You Were in Love
Love Got Away
Someone (2.0)
You Gave Up On Love (2.0)
The Way You Look Tonight

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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